Wood production

Wood production, Sale and drying of the wood

Our basic saw production has nowadays enough available capacity also for production and delivery of high – quality timber as follows:

  • Carpentry timber
  • Construction timber
  • Packaging timber


We would like to offer you also independent services connected with wood treatment:

  • Transport of the logs by with truck with automatic loader hand
  • Drying the timber in our own dryer facility
  • Sawing for the designed profile
  • Precise reduction of the timber
  • Storage of the timber
  • Transport of the finished timber by trucks for the specified location


We provide our service on the up-to date technologies in our brand-new premises of our own site.

Our company is registred as an exporter, importer and producer of the wood, which means that every packaging can be delivered with marking of the registered number according to the international agreement IPPC.


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