Transport and logistics

Domestic and International Freight

We are specialists for transport and logistics! We provide all activities on our own with our own means of transport. We have our own storage spaces, production of packaging, transport capacities, we are also specialists for customs and transport documentation.

  • 3 trucks with trailer 13,6 m / 24 t
  • 1 Iveco lorry+tandem 12 t / 36 europallets
  • 1 Iveco 3,5 t / 8 europallets


Just send us the specifications of the product you need to transport and we will offer you an optimal packaging and the way of transport.

Logistics, Storage and Forwarding

We have available 2 500 m2 of our own storage spaces.We provide complex services needed for businessmen without storage capacities:

  • Inter-bin transfers of the goods
  • Repackaging of the goods
  • Distribution of the goods according to the order


We have available all needed packaging materials

Our storage spaces are situated in a town of Krupina in the Central Slovakia (25 km from town Zvolen, 45 km from town Banská Bystrica). It enables us fast, smooth and reliable distribution of the goods anywhere to the territory of Slovakia (Bratislava 220 km, Košice 235 km, Poprad 170 km).

We are ready to provide our services for the goods in a volume from one piece to thousand pieces per month.


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