About us

DAVOS trade-logistics s.r.o. is stabile, but dynamicaly developing Slovak company focused on Transport and Logistic as well as Wooden and Metal production.

Our priority is quality,speed and reliability of our services.

To fulfill these aims we provide all our activities by our own forces in our own premises.

The equally important is for uscontinuous innovation of our technologies. We invest into the hi-tech industrial computer controlled treatment machines, in the area of transport into the modern, reliable and efficeint vehicles.

History of the company

Company DAVOS trade-logistics s.r.o. was established in 2001 with focus on foreign trade.

Since 2006 we started to concentrate on domestic and international freight transport and logistic ervices. These we were trying to conduct altogether with daughter companies all over the world.

Need for fast designs and high quality deliveries of the atypical packaging lead us in 2009 to widen our activity in complex solution of the packaging from wood and plywood since the design up to their production.

Since 2013 we added our production chain in preparation of the wood timber, sewing and drying of the wood, logs. sme doplnili náš výrobný reťazec aj o prvotnú prípravu reziva, o pílenie a sušenie dreva, guľatiny.

Until 2015 DAVOS trade-logistics company s.r.o. has undergone large-scale modernisation of the technology and area. We have renovated our new premises completely and equipped it with most up-to-date machines for the automated timber treatment.

Within our portfolio of the activities it was added in 2015 metal production, subcontracting preparation of the engineering semiproducts on contract. We use the latest CNC technologies to maximise the quality of our outputs also here.

DAVOS trade-logistics s.r.o. is situated in a town of Krupina in the Central Slovakia (25 km from the town of Zvolen, 45 km from the town of Banská Bystrica).

Our position in the middle of Slovakia enables us fast, steady and reliable services all over Slovakia (Bratislava 220 km, Košice 235 km, Poprad 170 km).

The key purchasers of our products and services are besides Slovak customers mainly the countries of the European Union: Germany, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, France but also countries from Asia and Africa.